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Custom sculptural fabrication is available.
Contact me by email at to develop your ideas and provide a quote based on your request.

3.8.2021 Adams and Benekes.jpg

Laurens Industrial Wave Sculpture

Members of the Art Wave committee aspire to expand art opportunities in Laurens. To salute our community's strong industrial history, cylinders made by Bobalee and Fisher Hydraulics and an industrial manipulator manufactured by Positech will constitute the base of the approximately 16 foot sculpture. These will be combined by Iowa Artist Tim Adams. An Iowa State graduate, Tim uses primarily weathered steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and native limestone in his projects. His works are designed and constructed to be stout, long term installations with little or no maintenance needed.
Working with Tim Adam’s creativity, the Art Wave committee found the perfect combination of saluting our industries and the prairie lands that this community was built upon. Arising out of each of seven separate cylinders will be native wildflowers including Big Bluestem, Butterfly Milkweed, Field Thistle Cirsium, Northern Sea Oats, Prairie Rose, Purple Coneflower, and Rattlesnake Master. 


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